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Tumac machinery

After 50 years of uninterrupted activity, TUMAC is proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of systems and components for industrial automation.

Thanks to our extensive know-how and the continuous R&D activities, TUMAC is able to supply ORIENTATION, SELECTION and FEEDING components and complete systems for various industrial fields.We have been successful in the Industrial, Automotive, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Electromechanical fields, as well as Packaging and Personal and household hygiene products.

TUMAC products are characterised by their high quality, reliability and consistent performance over time, designed to require as little maintenance as possible.

Our strengths include quality, innovation and efficient CUSTOMER CARE, to protect your investment over time.

Buy our products today for the best value for money available on the market, and if you cannot find the product you are looking for, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team!

PRODUCTS for sale:

  • CIRCULAR vibrating BASES
  • Balanced straight VIBRATOR
  • VIBRATORS for Channels/Hoppers
  • STANDARD Containers/Cups
  • CUSTOM Systems
  • SUPPORTS - Clamps
  • HOPPERS - Vibrating Channels
  • Motorised HOPPERS
  • Conveyor BELTS
  • Step FEEDERS
  • FEEDERS - Step - Orientation - Special
  • DRIVES - Controllers

    CIRCULAR vibrating BASES

    The innovative design and new technology behind the "ESD"(Electromagnet/Spring Device) IP65 system, make the CIRCULAR vibration motor from the "CHTB New" series one of the most advanced pieces of vibration technology currently available on the market.The Tumac CHTB series vibrating motors are set apart by their reliability, high performance over time and low noise levels.Robust and heavy duty, the motors are designed for continuous operation without any maintenance.The use of high quality materials in the construction of the magnets provides higher levels of system performance and stable and continuous feeding, for a long-lasting and profitable vibrating motor.

    Types of Standard CUPS/CONTAINERS

    • "AMERICA" Containers
    • SPIRAL Containers
    • CONICAL Containers
    • Cylindrical Containers - Polyamide or Aluminium Alloy Cones
    • SPECIAL Shape Containers


    Whether you are looking for individual systems or complex solutions, our STANDARD items include a wide range of custom and integrated products, for efficient interaction between the addition and the CUSTOMER'S existing machines and lines.

    Vibrating bases for STRAIGHT UNITS, CHANNELS and HOPPERS

    The TUMAC CHTR New series Vibrating units are used to transport pieces in linear devices.They can also be successfully coupled to hoppers and channels to feed pieces in systems requiring operational autonomy.

    Robust and heavy duty, they are designed for continuous operation with as little maintenance as possible.The use of high-performance IP65 magnets combined with our latest generation Controllers means that the CHTR units offer continuity and constant feeding, with a uniform distribution of vibration along the entire straight channel.TUMAC products are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the end user, guaranteeing maximum performance, reliability, continuous operation and ease of use, as well as excellent value for money.

    • Motorised HOPPERS

    Machines designed to handle and lift pieces to the desired height, creating a great deal of loading autonomy.Robust and heavy duty, they are designed for continuous operation without any maintenance.The TR and TRM series TUMAC motorised lifting hoppers are designed and manufactured according to the needs of the end user, ensuring performance, reliability and ease of use and installation.

    • Conveyor BELTS

    Designed to ensure the transportation of objects with maximum efficiency, reduced maintenance, rapid format changes, ease and speed of inspection, they can be integrated with both upstream and downstream control machines and systems for production lines.We offer conveyor belts, chain conveyors and metal mesh conveyors designed to meet even the most demanding requirements, in a wide range of shapes and sizes, configurable and modular.

    • FEEDERS - Orientation - Step - Magnetic

    Used for lifting various pieces for different sectors, these units are made up of a hopper and a transport element.Ideal for a high output height and large loads.Used primarily for loading vibratory orientation feeders, they can also be combined with linear vibratory feeders to select and orientate pieces, as well as with conveyor belts.In recent decades, TUMAC has developed a range of large elevator feeders capable of resolving most of the issues related to Handling and Feeding in the Industrial sector, offering a large number of potential combinations.

    • Complete systems for FEEDING, SELECTION and ORIENTATION

    In over 50 years of uninterrupted activity, TUMAC has acquired the experience and know-how required to satisfy the most extreme and specific needs in the Industrial Automation market.Our vibratory feeding and orientation systems have been used and appreciated for decades by the best Italian and international brands involved in the use and construction of automatic machines.

    • ACCESSORIES - Controllers

    A wide and complete range of complementary accessories, Analogue and Digital Controllers, Fixed and telescopic columns Support Columns, Soundproof Cabins, Regulators, Tyre Transport systems, Vision Systems, Anti-wear/Anti-abrasion Coatings and Others


    Our Engineering Service is available to meet your every need, finding rapid and precise mutually agreed solutions through the use of video conferencing.Trials and preventative tests can be shared via streaming, with obvious savings in terms of both time and costs.Our efficient Customer Service team provide solutions, offering Technical support in 8-24 hours throughout Italy and 48 hours for EU countries, with a range of spare parts available.Most STANDARD items are fast delivery

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