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  • alimentatori a vibrazione

  • alimentatori circolari

  • alimentatori elettromagnetici

  • alimentatori elettromeccanici

  • alimentatori vibranti


industrial machinery for food

The food and beverage markets represent an important Business for TUMAC.

Orientating and Feeding in the Food Industry with a wide range of the Technical Proposal.

Transfer conveyors, Bulk hopper, Vibrating Hoppers, Motorized Hoppers, Vibrating feeder, Belt Conveyors, Lifts, Elevators, Multi Step Feeders, Sorting Orientating and Feeding System.

And a News, the "Vibrating Channel conveyors"

TUMAC's innovative system for conveying in the packaging industry.

A new technology to convey, to buffer and stack food products, like crackers or biscuits, with different shapes and sizes, even filled.

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